While many people are now back in their workplaces, there is still a huge section of the workforce who are working from home, with no planned date back to the office. Some workplaces are even offering working from home as an option to save on overheads and operational costs during this trying time for many businesses.

While working from home, it is important to know that your employees are as safe as they would be if they were in the office.

HR Services Scotland can offer several options to help put employers’ minds at ease and help educate employees to their own responsibilities whilst working from home.

Dependent on your business needs, some of our options include:

· Online Training – we offer a number of courses, including Health and Safety for Homeworkers

· Virtual Risk Assessments – our Health and Safety Consultants are happy to offer video call sessions to your employees to check that they are operating safely at home

·Homeworking Self-Assessment – this is a questionnaire which goes into detail around electrical safety, workstation set up etc., to ensure the employee is working safely. Recommendations would be made following this around any suggested improvements.

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