Online training during furlough brings real benefits to the workforce. It keeps skills sharp and can help with mental wellbeing. Anecdotal evidence suggests furlough, while under lockdown, leads to a growing sense of isolation.

What are the benefits of furlough training?

Skills acquisition:

· Employers of furloughed employees should take the opportunity to review their skill sets and explore ways to improve it to benefit both the employee and the business.

Planning ahead:

  • How will your needs have changed when things return to ‘normal’? Have you identified what the ‘new normal’ is going to be or how this will be introduced?
  • How will your employees react to the ‘new normal’? What challenges will it provoke and how can training help you remain ahead of the curve?
  • What HR issues are likely to exist for people returning to work after extended furlough? What training can we provide to offset these issues?


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