While employees work from home, most office functions have moved to remote operations. If your job requires the management of secure employee data, this could cause some issues related to GDPR compliance.

If you manage payroll or HR admin for employees, printing secure information from a home computer could end up costing your employer in fines and penalties.

Since GDPR was enacted in 2018, data security related to employee information is enforced when it comes to the collection, storage, and destruction of personal information.

If your job includes processing of employee information like payroll, medical benefits, or hiring new employees, or even if you’re printing notes from a meeting, the documents related to these activities could put your company’s GDPR compliance in jeopardy. Talk to your employees about the importance of data security and what can be printed.

Securing employee data and ensuring privacy is easier with cloud-based technology to manage payroll and HR admin. This allows you to:

  • Access data directly from any device with no need to print reports or sensitive employee data
  • Process payroll, manage appraisals, and more with integrated cloud-based tools
  • Protect employee and company data
  • Ensure you are following GDPR when working from home

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and you should contact your DPO if you have any GDPR concerns or queries.

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