Scottish brewer Brewdog hit the headlines recently for introducing a very unusual staff benefit of “pawternity” leave one week’s paid leave for all workers who adopt a puppy or rescue dog. A review of their staff benefits demonstrates a huge investment into promoting the health and well-being of employers including education support fund, gym membership, paid sabbaticals linked to service length and life assurance with their published aim to be “the best company to work for, ever”.

Occupational psychologist Cheryl Isaacs says that having generous employee perks can be a good way for a company to help ensure that it has a contented workforce, and numerous studies have shown (perhaps unsurprisingly) that happy staff are more productive. With 45% of the UK population owning a pet and 90% of pet owners stating doing so increases their happiness perhaps businesses could learn from Brewdog’s approach.

One recent study into the issue by the University of Warwick found that employee happiness boosted productivity by 12%, while unhappy workers were 10% less productive. With the introduction of employee benefits or incentives it is paramount to remember that at times there is no one ‘best fit’ and by including employees in any decision making process the organisation can reap benefits for many years. Incentivising staff does not need to have considerable financial or time cost to a business and we can assist with lots of inexpensive, tailored ideas, focusing on the issues which you face.

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